Yesterday we were lucky enough to try out the brand new Corsa from Vauxhall. The updated version is long anticipated and we have already been recipient of many enquiries from customers intrigued by some of Vauxhall's bold statements about the exciting newcomer.​

Vauxhall arrived with us yesterday armed with a 5dr 1.0 Turbo 90PS as well as a 3 door 1.0 Turbo 115 PS.

The Corsa pictured with the beautiful Carew Castle as its backdrop is the Limited Edition 3dr 115PS variant. You can clearly tell that it is a Corsa, however, the bodyshell has been completely overhauled and modernised.

We took the car out of the dealership up the A477 towards Kilgletty and turned off towards Jeffreyston and then to Redberth via country roads. We had a good feel of how the car performs and handles on a variety of roads and to say we were impressed is an understatement.

The 1.0 Turbo is hugely deceptive. To those who have not yet driven it, you will be no doubt be questioning whether a 1.0 litre really can be classed as fast enough for your requirements.... But with it's Turbo, this car is like a pocket rocket! It's six gears allows refinement when cruising on main roads and motorways and the improved handling means that steering feels precise and performance is punchy on the smaller roads. We also found the road noise to be lower, which again was a nice surprise.​

Inside is where we really see huge visible changes.

The interior resembles the already successful ADAM which has had very positive feedback from our customers.

The dashboard, buttons, seats and doorcards all have the word 'quality' written all over them and feel solid and well built to touch. It's modern and feels solid.

The interior is 'feature rich' with this demonstrator coming with the all singing all dancing intelilink system. There are many features that come as standard on this new Corsa, which is very nice to see.

All in all, we are extremely impressed with the all new Corsa and believe that the new looks, improved interior finish, extra features, handling and performance will all go in its favour, especially when looking at its low price point compared to it's competition.

We are now eagerly awaiting our demonstrator vehicles, which should be on their way to us. The order banks have now opened for 2015 delivery. If you would like to keep updated on the progress of our demonstrators and pricing, then please let us know and we would happy to keep you in the loop.

Here's to the future success of the New Corsa!


Engines: 1.2i 70PS, 1.4i 90PS, 1.4i 90PS Auto, 1.4i 100PS Turbo S/S, 1.0i 90PS Direct Injection Turbo S/S Ecoflex, 1.0i 115PS Direct Injection Turbo S/S Ecoflex, 1.3 CDTi 75PS S/S Ecoflex, 1.3 CDTi 90PS S/S Ecoflex

Models: Life, Sting, Sting R, Excite, Limited Edition, Design, SRi, SRi VX-Line, SE