Thule Accessories

We now have access to a range of Thule accessories including roof boxes, bike carriers and watersports carriers.

Roof Boxes

The market's widest range of roof boxes offer a model for every load and every need

  • Excellence model - World's most exclusive roof box
  • Dynamic 800 model - Sporty, aerodynamic and sleek
  • Motion 800 model - Spacious with many smart functions
  • Pacific 200/700 model - Functional for every need
  • Ocean 80 model - Great value

Foldable Roof Boxes

Boxes that increase the load space of your car, without taking up storage space at home

  • Ranger 90/500

Roof Mounted Bike Carriers

How to transform a car roof into an ideal spot for bike transportation

  • ProRide 591
  • FreeRide 532
  • Wall Hanger 9771

Towbar Mounted Bike Carriers

The most convenient and safe way to transport 2-4 bikes

  • EuroRide 941
  • EuroWay G2 920
  • EuroWay G2 922
  • EuroClassic G6 929
  • EuroClassic G6 Bike Adapter 9281

Rear Mounted Bike Carrier

  • PackPac 973

Water Sports Carriers

Everything you need to get your kayaks, surfboards and other small boats to the water

  • Hull-a-Port 837
  • Sailboard Carrier 833

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